Map de Maar: "Accidental Enchantments ". 2017 - own publication. Book design Claudia Gravestijn. A-4, 48 pages. € 30,00.  Packing and postage, inside Europe € 4,00, outside Europe € 10,00. To order a signed copy contact me at You can also order online at

Apparently  the pictures in this book  look like vague 'quick and dirty' snapshots. In reality these are precise, laborious 'long time' shots. Photos of often 30-45 minutes of carefully observing, captured on color negative film. The use of this pinhole-camera tecnique make all images seem to dance.

The only text in the book is a poem by Maria Raven. This leaves the viewer/reader the freedom to give each image a meaning for itself - to open (trap)shutters to own memories and stories.

The intention of the images is beautifully supported  by the book design by Claudia Gravestijn. Because of the thin, tactile paper and the ingenious folding method of the sheets, each photo comes back vaguely in a seemingly endless series of images, depending on how you search your way through a 48-page cahier.

The edition of the cahier is 500 ex. There is a special edition of 25 to with the image "dill" has been added. 'Dill" has been printed on Japanese Washi paper, size 18x27 cm. The price of the special edition is € 160,00. You can order the special edition only direct  at

For the images see under 'analog pinhole camera's - accidental enchantments'. 

Marrigje de Maar: "Red Roses Yellow Rain", 2011, Hatje Cantz. 144 pages, 65 images. This book is out of print. You can still order a few copies at

65 images of Chinese farmhouse interiors and monastery kitchens, made during my extensive travels  along the far away borders of China during 2005-2010. These photographs are the silent witnesses of the frugal life in the Chinese countryside. The book came out at the occasion of my extensive solo exhibition at the International Photography Museum Huis Marseille in Amsterdam April-June 2011.

For the images see under ' analog middle format - monasteries and China series 2005-2010.'