I love traveling. I find my subject both inside and  out in nature. Light  is always my first point of focus. “Stopping here I let my eyes wander........the images sediments of light.”


Originally trained als a social scientist, Map de Maar (The Hague 1944) ran with her husband a commercial photo studio. After divorce and a serious illnes – she enrolled in Art School in 1998. Trained as a painter she graduated in 2004 as fine art photographer. Three month later she recieved in New York the Lucie Award for the New Discovery.

Backed by an important grant from the Dutch Art Council she  traveled  in 2005 to China on – what later became  -  a 5 year project on Chinese interiors. Resulting in a large solo show at the International Photo Museum Huis Marseille in Amsterdam and a book: “Red Roses Yellow Rain”, published by Hatje Cantz in 2011. For parts of this series she received a number of international prizes and the work was shown at several photo festivals and numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.

All work until 2011 was shot  with Bronica 6x7 or Hasselblad 6x6. On film and by existing light, often in very complicated light situations.

In 2012 the focus of her artistic proces changed. ‘Simply being there’ became the main subject. Walking alone with her ultralight pinhole camera’s, she spents a lot of time on the trail.

Since 2015 Map de Maar also uses an I-phone – the first steps into dig. photography. The I-phone series are mainly published on Facebook and Instagram